In addition, we offer the right weighing electronics and matching accessories for your application. Load Cells Compression Type upto 400 Ton. Rice Lake describes the symptoms to watch for that may indicate load cell malfunction and provides a means to troubleshoot load cell failure. Load Cell Shackles. Our Company. Gantry Cranes; Test Weights. Load Cells – Compression. We are the strongest link in your lifting chain. This Load Cell can we rent for onsite testing conducted in our workshops) and outsite *. Load Cell/Dynamometer & Water Meter Equipment . With our extensive inventory of rental water bags and rigging hardware, you can rent all equipment necessary to perform your load test from one supplier. Load Cells (VW) | Model 4900. Compressive Load Cell - 5t SWL. We will have a representation on the AC Technologies Stand. Load Shackle rentals are provided with a calibration certificate, an LCI-80x display in a portable case. FIND US - CHRISTCHURCH. Load Cells Elebia Load Cells Load Indicators Load Cells. Operating Temperature Range -20 – 80 °C [ -4 – 176 °F ] Other. Dynamic Rigging Hire offer Crosby Straightpoint load cells, the worlds leading brand of load cell and rigging products. A load cell is a transducer that converts an applied force into either an analog or digital electrical signal. Digital Load Link Rental. Equipment Available for rent : Load Cells Tension Type upto 250 Ton. Log-In. SKU: Model 4900 ( ): The Model 4900 Vibrating Wire Load Cell consists of a cylinder of high-strength steel with 3, 4 or 6 vibrating wire strain gauges located around the circumference of the cell. These force transducers enable very high measurement accuracies between 0.01 % and 0.05 % FS. Compressive Load Cell - 20t SWL . Read more. Read more. Load Cells – Compression; Load Cells – Tension; Load Cells Shackles; Water Load Bags – Seaflex; Water Bags. DLM house a range of Load Cells, Load Monitoring and Cable Working hire equipment, all of which are available for hire immediately and at competitive prices. May 22, 2020 - Betal maintains a huge stock of tension load cells and compression load cells for rentals for all types of Lifting and Testing Activities. Loads applied to the cell are measured by the vibrating wire strain gauges. These are compatible with cranes, hoists, winches etc. 18" OD to 30" OD units in stock. Rigging is at the heart of LGH’s operations and the area where we really excel in experience and expertise. Straightpoint 25 tonne load cell shackle. All equipment’s are calibrated as per industry standards. Load links can be used to provide a safe method of determining the unknown weight of a large piece of equipment or machinery. Our fleet includes 85t and 250t Load Pin Shackle for the accurate weighing of heavy loads for major construction or maintenance projects.With the extra advantage of radio Remote control load pin shackles for work site convenience and functionality. Our range includes leading brand load cell shackles from Safe-T-Weigh. Crane Scale Rentals, Dynamometer Rentals, Load Cell Rentals, And all the Rental Weighing and Force Measurement Equipment At The Capacities You Need. Load cell shackles by Safe-T-Weigh are an effective way to precisely provide a load measurement via tension when the load is suspended. Custom sensors from SensorData Technologies since 1992. Everything we sell we also hire! While load cells are the most critical part of an electronic weighing system, they are also the most vulnerable and can malfunction from time to time. The load cells are available in capacities ranging from 3.2 to 150 tonnes, all supplied with shackles and in Pelican type carry cases. FROM £160.50 per week. Why Rent. By doing this, we find that we can offer you better flexibility without affecting the availability/lead time of the equipment. Add to quote inquiry. Water Load Bags; Portable Gantry Cranes. Not just load cell rental – achieve peace of mind from our independent weight-report service. 0 - 1500 TON Capacity. Request a Quote . For load cell rental enquiries contact us now on + 91 22 2780 2890 / 2766 8783. When you hire a load cell, you are assured of a quality product from Australia's leading lifting supplier. We are a manufacturer of precise and robust load sensors. Elevator Test Weights; Life Boat Test Kits; Steel Test Weights; Rigging Loft. Will we see you? Rental Load Cell. As requirements vary, our load cells and instruments are not permanently paired and as such we can cater for most projects. Available for hire immediately, with competitive prices. We provide pull load cell with capacity up to 75 tonnes are used for testing the load test in a sling or other rigging. Betal regularly maintains a stock of load cell rentals for all lifting and testing related activities. Data is stored on removable USB memory sticks for post-analysis and report generation. Load Cells Home » Load Cells. Force Load Cell Sensor Type Force Load Cells; Electrical Characteristics. We only use the leading manufacturers in the industry to help you lift heavier and span wider with the best quality assured and certified rigging technology designed to meet your demands. Log-In. Share this. Load Cell Rental. SHOP NOW! About Safe Lifting. The internal strain gauges are wired to form a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Full Scale Range (Newton) 10000 – 1000000; Full Scale Range (lbf) 2000 – 200000; Force Load Cell Supply Voltage (VDC) 10, 10 – 30, ±15; Signal Characteristics. FROM £215.25 per week. Capacity: Clear: Quantity. The only sure way of getting this data is to use a calibrated weighing system. Including 85t Radio Remote and 200t Radio Remote. T25 High Speed Shaft Style Rotary Torque Transducer 0.885 lbf-in to 44.3K lbf-in 0.1 Nm to 5K Nm . Strain Gage Load Cells: Bending Beam Load Cells: 10-5k lbs. HOFFMANN offers a wide range of load cells and force sensors for rental. Our load cells are NATA certified, fully tested and calibrated by All Lifting. All our load cells are certified by InMetro RBC (Brazilian Calibration Network). Our load cells have set the standard for decades. Dynamic Measurement Systems. They feature full digital displays for quick and simple checking, testing and weighing. 0.03%: Tanks, platform scales, Low cost, simple construction: Strain gages are exposed, require protection: Shear Beam Load Cells: 10-5k lbs. Compressive Load Cell - 100t SWL. Load Cell Rental will be at PLASA in Olympia, London on 16th and 17th of September. In an age where rigs are getting heavier, and corporate responsibility is at the top of the agenda, it is important that you know how much your system weighs. Interface Top Selling Products. Load Cells. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. Load links can also be used for determining a load at anchor points, as a test mechanism for checking lifting equipment, crane calibration and much more. Saved from Load Cell Rental Limited | 64 followers on LinkedIn. S-Type—S-beam load cells receive compression output readings. Let LCR take the strain. Christchurch Phone: (03) 341 0040 Fax: (03) 341 0043 31 Epsom Road, Sockburn, Let us know if you will be there and we will try to meet up. Vertical Lead Sheaves (VLS) Vertical Lead Sheaves (VLS) with Tension, Speed, and Payout Monitoring. Load Cell Shackles hire and rental. Request a Quote * Required field. The conversion is achieved by the physical deformation of resistive foil strain gauges which are bonded internally to the load cell. Our load cell equipment has been used to proof load test bridge cranes, cargo handling cranes, dockside cranes, and many other mechanical devices. All equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by DLM Hire Engineers ensuring high performance and client satisfaction. Paradigm Rigging is the exclusive North American distributor of BroadWeigh™ Wireless Load Monitoring Products and Load Cell Systems. The load cell is designed primarily for use on tiebacks and rockbolts, although they may be used during pile load tests and for monitoring loads in crosslot struts and tunnel supports, etc. Resistive load cells built with bonded foil strain gages can be accurate to ±0.02% of full scale, they offer off-center load compensation which is useful for building scales that are accurate, even when objects to be measured are placed anywhere on a loading platform. Rigging Loft; Services. Compact compression load cell used in press calibration, civil engineering, suspension weighing and mill applications. Buy or rent turn key load cell packages for concert touring, festivals, pre production, weight reports, live events, trade show and industrial applications. Lifting Gear Hire & Sales provides a wide range of load cell shackles for rent or hire. All sensors are NIST traceable. Rentals; Product Warranty; Discontinued; Load Cells. Read more. Load Cell Rental Ltd. (United Kingdom) Load weighing and monitoring solutions for the entertainment industry. Postal Address: PO Box 259025 Botany, Auckland 2163 , New Zealand. This force sensor is constructed from alloyed steel and capable of operating in tight spaces. 0.03%: Tanks, platform scales, off- center loads: High side load rejection, better sealing and protection: Canister Load Cells : to 500k lbs. Click For A Rental Quote Dillon Dynamometers Dynamic Measurement Systems, The Source for Dillon Dynamometers, Force Gauges, Crane Scales, and Quick-Check . All Lifting have load cells with different capacities and configurations available for hire. Load cells are designed as a special form of force transducers for use in weighing equipment. Straightpoint Radio Link Plus load cells have unrivalled features, whilst easy to use. Log-In. Whether it is analog or digital load cells, single point load cells or bending beam load cells – it’s your choice! Queensland Rigging Hire offer quality Australian made Delphi load cells for hire and rental. Shop online now for Interface Load Cells, Interface Mini™ Load Cells, Torque Transducers, Multi-Axis Sensors, Indicators, Signal Conditioners, and more. Company Profile; Equipment Certification; Project Gallery; Latest News; Equipment Range. .. The calibration of load cells is made in grams, kilograms or tons, not in Newton, as is usual in force measurement. Steel Test Weights. There are lots of reasons why renting equipment may be more practical for you and your company. Each compression load cell has its own case; 1200 hour battery life; Internal Antenna; Range up to 700 meter; Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C; IP67; As an option we can also provide a laptop with software. By definition, load cell (or loadcell) is a type of force transducer.It converts an input mechanical force such as load, weight, tension, compression or pressure into another physical variable, in this case, into an electrical output signal that can be measured, converted and standardized.As the force applied to the sensor increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. Load Cells – Tension. Output Signal ±2 mV/V, ±2 V, ±5 V, ±5 V; Usage Conditions. With ability to react quickly to … SSM or SSM2 Sealed S-Type Load Cell 50 lbf to 10K lbf 200 N to 50 kN. Load Cell Calibration & Rental Weighting Services for the Industry. In most cases, the load cells are used in conjunction with a hydraulic jack and bearing plates. Compressive Load Cell - 50t SWL.