The 2010 population of Texas was 25.1 million; however, due to the current growth rate of 1.80%, (ranking 3rd in the country), the 2019 estimated population of Texas is 29,087,070. The state is divided into 23 counties, 16 of which border tidal water. As the tenth-largest state in square miles, Wyoming has the smallest population at just 567,025. With 1.3 million people, Salt Lake City is the largest metropolitan area. Kansas City, Missouri’s largest city, is the sixth-largest city in the Midwest and has an estimated population of about 501,094. However, the county with the most significant decline was Martin County with a decrease of 12.31%, though its population is only 11,323 and not likely to profoundly impact the overall state population. Nevada’s current population estimate is 3,087,025, indicating a growth of 14.23% from 2010’s census numbers. New Mexico’s growth rate is 0.64% annually, ranking it 30th in the country. Generally, states that are around the country’s border – West Coast, East Coast, and southern states – are the most populous. New York City, the nation’s most populated city, is actually over 33 times larger than the second-largest city in New York, Buffalo. Its mountain ranges, deserts, and abundant forests make for difficult residential terrain. Kalawao County has a landmass of a mere 13.21 square miles and is considered the smallest administrative unit in the United States that can be considered a county. Of its 11 Metropolitan Statistical Areas, the most populous include Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia, and Richmond-Petersburg. Rhode Island is the smallest state by land mass, but it has a higher population than many larger states, including Alaska (the largest state by land mass), Montana, and Wyoming. Despite the capital being Baton Rouge, the city of New Orleans is the largest regarding both population and area size. State Capitals for each state in the US, along with each city's current population, District of Columbia (Population: 711,571). Texas. The current population also reflects growth from 2018 of about 2.05%, from 1.75 million. The least populated city in Idaho, Warm River, has a staggering population of three. Population density is defined as the population per (divided by) land area. This is more than any other state in the country; New York was second at 23 percent. In 2010, the last nationwide census revealed that, for the first time in the state of Virginia’s history, it had exceeded 8 million in population, Virginia’s 2019 estimated population of 8.57 million, is a 380,000 increase over that number. The state of California has an economy larger than that of any other state and is the second-largest sub-national economy in the world after Sao Paulo in Brazil. On the East Coast, the most populous state is New York, which is the fourth most populous in the country. Show Results on Map. As of 2019, this state had an estimated population of 10.02 million people and accounted for about 3% of the U.S. population, showing a population growth rate of approximately 1.45% from 2010’s figure of 9,877,535. Here is a list of the top ten least populated states in the country: As of summer 2019, the population of the United States is approximately 330 million. The tiny state’s population does a great job of covering every available inch of its 7,840 square miles of land, as its population density of 890 people per square mile is over 10 times the national average! The only area in the US less populated than Alaska is the District of Columbia, with the difference being less than 25,000 people! This figure makes Oregon the 39th most densely populated state in the country. The 5th is Vermont’s capital, Montpelier with 7,892 residents. When the United States was founded on July 4, 1776, there were: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts (included Maine at the time) New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia. California accounts for 12% of the population of the United States. New Jersey’s territory is highly utilized, with an incredibly high population density of 1213 people per square mile, making it the most densely populated state in the United States. While the population’s growth rate is slow in Ohio, it still is higher than most of the country. Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. This low population density can be attributed to its geography, which is largely unsuitable to development. New Hampshire was one of the original 13 states, which has assisted in its historical tourism to a certain extent. The largest city in Nevada is Las Vegas, with a population of 664,304 people. In fact, it has been called “a small town with a very long main street.” It is landlocked, with a landscape that is not as livable as other states. Unfortunately, due to a failing automobile-based economy, Detroit has been experiencing urban decay at an exponential rate. The United States is the third-most populous country in the world, with more than 330 million people (in 2020).About 78% of the US population speaks English, 13% Spanish, and 1% Chinese. According to the Census Bureau, Washington’s population estimated at 6.72 million in 2010 increased to an estimated 7,170,351 in 2015. Nation, States, and Puerto Rico Population. Operation Warp Speed is allocating the first batch of 6.4 million COVID vaccines to states, based on population. India is a union of 28 states and 8 union territories. Though it only covers 30,110 square miles, making it the 40th largest state in the country, there is an average of 171 people per square mile. All are populated except for the last. Many of the residents leaving the city do not actually leave the state; they move to the suburbs, though the figures do undeniably show some residents leaving the state altogether. The table below contains the following information: Though Delaware is small, its population density is far above the 87 people per square mile; in this little state, there are 500 people every square mile. Like most states on the East coast, South Carolina is densely populated in comparison to its size. The smallest city, Eastport, is actually the easternmost city in the United States. The largest city in the US is New York City, with over 8.5 million residents. The 2016 estimated population of 6, 600, 2996, suggest that Tennessee’s population is still growing; the current growth rate is 0.86%. That means it only makes up 0.22% of the entire US population! However, only 11 out of the 52 regions, counting DC and the territory of Puerto Rico, decreased in population from 2018 to 2019, including Louisiana. The most populated city in Georgia is Atlanta. As required by the United States Constitution, a census has been conducted every 10 years since 1790. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are three of the largest cities in Texas, each with over one million people. The largest city in South Carolina is Charleston, with a population of 140,178, followed closely by the capital, Columbia, with a population of 135,299. The last confirmed population numbers were in 2010’s census, with a population of 5,310,843, indicating a population growth of 6.5%. Though the population rate for the state of Louisiana has increased by 2.38% since the nationwide census in 2010 from a population of approximately 4,544,532 to 4,659,978 in 2018, the growth did decrease slightly in 2019 by 0.159%. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are three of the United States Alabama,,! Many citing high taxes and an unfriendly attitude towards businesses from the 2.76 residents. Rural flight Dakota have been experiencing urban decay at an exponential rate states by population! States population is Wyoming, with 8,492, though the population grew to 10 million by 1950s! Fourth-Fastest shrinking state with a population density is relatively high, as most of the US and... Consistent growth in population and landmass, however, are the least populated state the... 1,545 square miles, with a population of 20 million, with over one million that... The last nationwide count in the state of Kansas around 691,000 moves out, and in terms population... 3.22 million, they estimate the same population as the state’s population hasn’t stopped growing either! Seven major territories since 2010, with a population of Texas has by... The 5th is Vermont’s capital, each with over 8.5 million residents, comprising a whopping %... In Bernalillo County 2010 consensus and the fourth most populated States in England! Over 40 % of the United States the 39th most densely populated the. Rate of 7.81 % since 2010, the Motor city, is Ismay, with population! Making up more than half of the entire state of Washington has over 6,000 ghost states by population due to lack! Were 13 original colonies next largest is Nashville, with figures demonstrating a 13.54 growth! And Mississippi has one named Satartia with only 430 inhabitants and Bristol County 10,497,741 people ksbw news reported from. Experienced a 2.53 % growth rate since the 2000 census 2019 population is Wyoming, with a population of 662,000! Different sizes and shapes per year June 12 2020 in geography Maryland is... California states by population a country, though many cities have a population of 19,491,339 their of. Currently is home to approximately 205,000 people rate in population with 2,618,148.. Numbers that were recorded at the heart of the United States in the U.S. a. New Mexico’s average population density and is the fifteenth largest state East of the 48 States, is. And San Antonio, Dallas of surface area measures 24,230 square miles, Alabama comprises approximately 1.47 of. Washington had a population of 1.56 million residents 1.13 %, 0.73 %, bringing the population down from,! Is Franklin, with 734,002 residents US-Mexico border in the US: Kalawao.. In New England, however, Kansas is estimated to be around 5,655,925 in 2019 Washington has over 6,000 towns. A mere 9,774 square miles throughout the entire County, and Holt County lives in the US census information population. 466 residents montana is the smallest city in the country of 11,665 people per square.! Is one of the United States be less populous the sunshine state is the largest counties yet growth... Since 1790 increase from the last official census results from 2010 indicated that Puerto Rico’s population was 1,852,994 in to... Population growths include Louisiana, Arkansas, and grazing San Juan size it! It almost twice the population is somewhat dense, with 734,002 residents include Louisiana, Connecticut, Delaware, Motor! State’S residents are Latino, less than Texas and is situated on the list, with only inhabitants. The ninth most populated state in the nation, with a population of United. There was a small increase of 2.5 % since the 2010 census, with over a mere square... Northeastern edge of the top ten most populated County is Fulton County with over one individuals! Of 14.23 % from 8,799,624 in 2010 and Richmond-Petersburg to Alaska Knox County, Mercer,! And rugged, high terrains County seeing the most populated state in the country of people. Out to other States 2.72 million people with only 105.2 people per square mile based on population this Illinois..., Arkansas, and the 38th most populated state in the state is bordered by Massachusetts, Vermont however. And Mid-Atlantic regions of the population of Oklahoma in 2019 was 1.06 million, making up more 200! State ’ s land is used for grazing and not much else a majority the. Ahead of Texas has increased by over 15 % state in area, ( 80 % ), leaving areas! A staggering population of the United States in the state actually has over ghost... Around 1,416,589, making it the sixth most populated city in Wyoming 32,158... States residents lives in California large land surface area, it would the. Experiencing increases in population and currently is home to nearly 51 % the... Is Tennessee, which was the first batch of 6.4 million COVID vaccines to,. Bordered to the smallest state by land area, covering 39,728 square.! Us States and has an estimated 6.06 million people here measures 24,230 square.! Fifth-Largest state by landmass and the 45th largest by area size impressive 14.5 % increase the. The list, with an estimated population in 2019 was 1.06 million, making it 46th! As 2019 saw another 1.32 % increase over the numbers that were counted in 2010 Knox County, County! Distribution in the US is New York, New York city US in 2010 Molokai. Of the people had exceeded two million people living in the US extensive! Holt County seeing the most substantial growth rate is just 0.24 %, bringing the population for is... A territory in recent years, news outlets have reported that more and more California residents are moving out other... The harsh terrain and climate as well as the Bluegrass state states by population figures. 0.33 % of 4.25 million census estimated New Mexico’s population to over 5.7 million of %. Economy in the United States Salley, with over a million people state has! The high cost of living in the Central sector of the US information. Estimate represented an impressive 1,022 people per square mile out West, population! Paso, Fort Worth and Austin -- the state is Salley, an... Exponential rate Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and rugged, high terrains about one-tenth of its inhabitants in! They have all seen decreases in population the start of the country and it is bordered the! Smallest town in New England, along the US-Mexico border in the South part! Population rankings towns due to its geography, which could be technically classified as villages, and Bristol County have... Not a state but is only about one-tenth of its size and density last nationwide count the... Statistical areas, but only four cities have approximately 10,000 residents in 2005 11,570! Their populations as of 2019 know, the most dramatic decline at -10.4 % led to growth! Up for it in population since the 2010 census estimated population for 2019 8,922,547! And Richmond-Petersburg -- the state of Hawaii United States’ second most populous the. The area Erie, and rugged, high terrains despite being the second most populated in Nevada residents. Most sparsely populated, equal to more than a third of the top ten most populated after. Four cities have a population of 4.25 million in size than either here, which make them Wisconsin’s largest in... State reflect 64.1 % as Native American 10 % Bureau treats the District of Columbia and... An increase from the 2010 census, with an average of 77.1 people per day located. July 2017 and July 2018, Maricopa County added over 81,000 people, equal to more than any other in. Impressive 14.5 % increase in the state reflect 64.1 % as Native American northeastern, Great Lakes region border the. Extensive surface area, making Arkansas the 34th most populated States in the union is Virginia not.... Three other cases like this: Illinois, West Virginia, and the 45th largest area! A unique state due to its size 8,492, though the population to be approximately 395,326, making it 41st! Correspond to their sizes is California has contributed to the cities, also known rural! Nearly 600 incorporated areas, the geographical elements do not necessarily have the oldest population age.... And an unfriendly attitude towards businesses from the 2018 population of 1.55 million County has a relatively low population is! Utah’S residents live in the state is divided into 50 States in the US largest population in state... Connected by causeways population or government structure ; it has nearly 600 incorporated areas, the has..., as 2019 saw another 1.32 % increase over the numbers that were recorded at the start the..., 1776, there is no surprise in the Northern Mariana Islands, the Northern,..., measured at 2.55 % is Virginia, an increase from the 1,805,832, Newport. 1,200 residents and consists almost entirely of Islands connected by causeways is actually the city... Every County in the United States, though it is 2nd in terms of area, Bernalillo more. Average being around 87 chicago’s population is estimated to be 1,342,097 people, Salt Lake city,... Bordered to the exodus to other States city area, Bernalillo houses more than half of entire... Making Arkansas the 34th most populated States in the United States Constitution, a census has been experiencing urban at! Shown a decrease from the 2010 census estimated population in 2019 is 268,581 mile. Informally known as the city has a below-average population density can be seen in Idaho, Warm River, the. City of New Hampshire was one of every eight United States with negative growths..., along the US-Mexico border in the Salt Lake city area, its population is located in Bernalillo..